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2013-14 Catalog 
2013-14 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Science, A.S.

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Program Design

The Engineering Science associate degree program prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate college and university programs in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and engineering physics, as well as for immediate employment in engineering sciences and high technology fields. The program also offers students currently employed in technical positions in high technology industries the opportunity to retrain and upgrade their technical skills.

College of Technology - Engineering Pathway Program

The Engineering Science program, through the Connecticut College of Technology Pathways program, provides for direct entry into baccalaureate engineering programs at the University of Connecticut. Students may enter UConn engineering programs through the Engineering Science A.S. degree program at MCC and, upon successful completion of the program, continue on to UConn as third-year engineering students with a full two years of credit towards a bachelor’s degree in engineering.


Students may enroll in this program full- or part-time. Courses are offered during daytime or evening hours. Preparation for the Engineering Science program includes a high school diploma or equivalent with one year of physics and three years of mathematics including Algebra I and Algebra II followed by advanced algebra or precalculus mathematics. For students not prepared for the required mathematics and English courses, MCC offers a wide range of developmental and preparatory courses.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Engineering Science degree program requirements, graduates will:

  1. Be prepared to transfer into a bachelor of science degree program as a continuing student in the Engineering Pathway program. Provided the transferring schools’ credit requirements are met, MCC students will transfer as juniors.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to assist in research, development, design, production, testing and various other functions associated with engineering.
  3. Demonstrate a good understanding of engineering principles/concepts.
  4. Demonstrate a good understanding of mathematical concepts.
  5. Demonstrate good working knowledge of state-of-the-art hardware and software in support of engineering design.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to think through a problem in a logical manner.
  7. Organize and carry through to conclusion the solution to a problem.
  8. Demonstrate good communication skills.
  9. Demonstrate teamwork skills.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the General Education Core.

Total Credits Required: 65-67


Students who receive credit for MAT* 250 have fulfilled the MAT* 254  requirement.

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