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2013-14 Catalog 
2013-14 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual Fine Arts, A.A.

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Program Design

For those students seeking a professional career, the Visual Fine Arts associate degree program offers a transfer-oriented course of study that leads to enrollment in an art school or other baccalaureate institution. Careers in commercial art, art education and fine arts are open to graduates with bachelor’s degrees.

The Visual Fine Arts program also serves an ever-expanding population of students seeking personal enjoyment in the creative process. Technical expertise and aesthetic theory are offered to those who pursue art as an avocation.


Students may enroll in this program full- or part-time. There are no requirements or prerequisites for students wishing to take art courses part-time or as electives for other programs.

Fine arts faculty members are available for consultation with students who wish to enroll in the program and thereafter for course selection and transfer information.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Visual Fine Arts degree program requirements, graduates will

  1. Execute skills and techniques necessary for studio art and demonstrate dexterity with tools, knowledge of equipment specific to various media, and the safe use of all materials and equipment.
  2. Demonstrate an historical, cross-cultural appreciation and awareness of the field of visual art.
  3. Demonstrate creative thinking; the ability to solve aesthetic, technical and conceptual problems; and critical awareness.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements of two- and three-dimensional design and their applications to various studio disciplines.
  5. Compile a comprehensive portfolio of work that reflects the breadth of their study and prepares them for transfer to baccalaureate institutions.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the General Education Core.

Visual Fine Arts Requirements

Total Credits Required: 63


At least two semesters of Drawing are strongly recommended.

‡‡ Either ART* 101  or ART* 102  is required, but not both.

‡‡‡ A studio course is any 6-hour ART*, DGA* or GRA* course.

The Visual Fine Arts program strongly recommends that students take all of the following before taking any other Visual Fine Arts course work. This will provide students with the essential foundations for all other Visual Fine Arts program course work.

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