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2015-16 Catalog 
2015-16 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multimedia Studies, A.A.

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Program Design

The purpose of the Multimedia Studies associate degree program is:

  • to provide a multimedia transfer program in the area of digital design with an emphasis on the computer as a tool for the creation of animated and interactive presentation;
  • to offer a degree program for those considering an entry level position in fields related to digital composition (animation, interactive programming, digital illustration, three-dimensional modelling, digital video production).
  • to provide greater technical knowledge of the creative visual arts as they apply to multimedia design and production.

The course of study demands students’ time and dedication, and will provide them with transfer and career choices based upon ability and achievement.

The program is structured to equip students with a sound foundation in technical skills, design concepts, aesthetics, terminology and vocabulary and to provide awareness of the application of creative and critical thinking in the use of technical knowledge. A strong emphasis has been placed on the use of the computer as a production and composing tool.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Multimedia Studies degree program requirements, graduates will

  1. Demonstrate practical skills in computer-based multimedia production including animation, 3-D modelling, digital video, and interactive design and production.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to plan multimedia and interactive projects and produce all the elements involved in such projects (graphics, sound, animations and video).
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of software used in multimedia production and the ways that this software can be integrated in the development of projects.
  4. Use their training to pursue employment in digital media development including, but not limited to, digital animation, 3-D modeling, digital sound engineering, digital video production and editing, CD-ROM and computer game development, digital graphic arts and special effects production.

In addition, the graduate will complete the comprehensive learning outcomes identified with the General Education Core.

Multimedia Studies Requirements

Total Credits Required: 60-63


History elective: choose from any of the history choices: HIS* 101 , HIS* 102 , HIS* 121 , HIS* 122 , HIS* 201  or HIS* 202  

‡‡ COM* 173  is recommended as the Humanities elective choice for students planning to transfer to a 4-year state university in the future.

‡‡‡ Computer studio electives include:

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